Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers 11/29/2016 Christmas Cheer


Welcome to Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers.  This week Pablo shares this photo taken from Tumblr and a story of exactly 200 words, describing the action between the two men. The holidays are is coming upon us. So sit back and read about Jason’s Christmas Cheer.

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Christmas Cheer

 When Jason arrived home from a grueling day at work, he observed a note pinned to his front door. Opening it as he entered his loft, he read the directions inscribed within. Proceeding with the instructions with cautious but curious fascination, he undressed to his briefs, draped his robe over his shoulders, sat in the chrome director’s chair in the spacious room, and spoke as was suggested, “I’m ready for my Christmas Cheer.”

Then to his surprise, a naked man, an Adonis of men, entered from the kitchen and walked towards Jason. Angling his arms over his head, this gorgeous, nude man thrust his pelvis while flaunting his dick before Jason’s face. “Are you sure you’re ready? Does a naughty boy like you have been deserve what you see?”

Jason smirked. “I’m more prepared than I’ve ever been. This naughty boy hasn’t done anything as he’d like to do right now”

“Hmm…” The man strutted forward slowly. When he inched his penis next to Jason’s salivating lips, he whispered. “Prove to me how vehemently bad you can be. Only then, will your Christmas Cheer be more than fantasy.”

“Can I touch?” Jason’s lips trembled as he whispered.

“If you’d like.”



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