Friday Flash Fiction 11/24/2016


Pablo wants to flash you with a 100 word story describing the tempting picture below. Read About Byron’s surprise with his new masseuse, Tyrell in The Massage.

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                                              The Massage

 Standing naked nervously, Byron placed his two hands on the massage table. Lifting his left leg, he looked straight ahead.

His masseuse stood at the head of the table and unwrapped the towel draped around his waist. Tyrell’s deep, dark skin glistened with an inviting sheen.

Aroused by Tyrell’s muscular nudity, Byron felt his dick tingling. It rose to become fully erect and hard. He lifted his legs quickly, and lay down on his stomach. His dick crunched when it bent with his weight.

“Are you shy?” Tyrell positioned his fully extended, large cock on the table before Byron’s face.



One thought on “Friday Flash Fiction 11/24/2016

  1. Man, this is such a sexy photo and I loved your take on it. He is hot as they get, that’s for damn sure. With your crafty collection of word choices, I could literally feel the crunch of his cock as he settled his weigh on his stomach. I could see Tyrell flip his huge penis on the massage table. I think resistance is futile and I, personally, wouldn’t even try. ~MW


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