Facebook Post Sharing Giveaway

Facebook Sharing Giveaway (2)

March 20-March 30, 2017

Each author has created a Facebook post they want readers to share.

A link is provided for each author’s post. The readers can go to the link and share it for an entry.

Every share is an entry.

Link to the Giveaway:

Facebook Sharing Giveaway

These are the Prizes:

$160 Amazon Gift Card

24 Ebook Prizes

2 – $5 Amazon Gift Cards

5 – $10 Amazon Gift Cards

5 – Swag Items

6 – Paperbacks


Please share the following three Facebook posts by Pablo Michaels, once you have entered the giveaway. You will be given a different link for each post.

1) Jack and the Magical Beanstalk Book 1

When Jack ascended the magical beanstalk, he found more treasures than the bag of gold coins, the chicken that lay gold eggs and a gold harp that played music. He found the love of his life in a naked man named Sam.

2) Jack’s Magical Beanstalk & the Jeweled Grotto Book 2

Sam bartered secretly to acquire seeds to grow another magical beanstalk. He had to acquire the needed remedy in the giant castle to help his family suffering from the human disease Giant Fever. Jack’s ominous suspicions led him to the castle to save Sam from the giants and an ingenious plan for the beast’s jewels.

3) Prelude to Jack’s Magical Beanstalk & Sam’s Quandary Book 3

The story of Jack’s Magical Beanstalk Series is conveyed through Sam’s eyes. When Sam watched a handsome man dressed in cloths like the giants wore, fleeing the evil giant Master with his bag of gold coins. Sam was more than curious, he was intently attracted to this unusual man. 

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