Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers 01/10/2017


Pablo dares you to appreciate his exactly 200 word story describing the picture below for his contribution to Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers. Please refer to the Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser Blog to read some wildly fun stories based on selected pictures from the following authors.


                            My Secret



“Jessie, I think you’re warm enough now.” Vern felt something hard poking him between his legs. A sizzling sweat enveloping his body masked his embarrassment for his own throbbing cock.

Jessie lifted his body and grasped Vern’s left arm. He looked down to his erection, bobbing up and down beneath Vern’s arm. His dick had veered out from beneath the top of the fluffy blanket. “I don’t know how to explain this. Maybe the chills of that icy river water aroused my penis. I’m warm enough now.”

“That may be it. How did you slip into the river? I told you to be careful.” Vern quickly drew the blanket over his dick, still throbbing, especially after witnessing Jessie’s hard cock pulsing like a heartbeat under the corner of the blanket.

“I was distracted.” Jessie had been admiring Vern’s hairy chest. He had become aroused and tripped over a rock. He glanced at Vern’s crotch and smiled.

“What’s so funny? You’re smiling.” Vern’s face flushed red. His dick pounded up and down harder, as it slipped out from under the blanket into the open air, in full view of Jessie’s eyes.

Jessie pushed the blanket off them. “We’re both turned on!”


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