Welcome New Subscribers, December Book Fair, & Jack’s Magical Beanstalk & the Jeweled Grotto Book 2


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December Book Fair

Welcome to the December Book Fair!

We have tons of books to choose from (MOST price $0.99-$2.99 for at least part of the duration of the fair.) We’ve separated the books by genre to make browsing easier. The following genres are available this month:

Urban Fantasy

Paranormal Romance

Science Fiction Romance, Dystopian, Steampunk & Fantasy

Young Adult

Contemporary Romance, Suspense & Thriller

We hope you’ll find some books here to enjoy this coming month! Happy reading trails!

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Pablo’s latest book in the Jack’s Magical Beanstalk Series is featured in the December Book Fair.

Jack’s Magical Beanstalk & the Jeweled Grotto Book 2  is a gay, adult, romantic, fairy tale sequel. Jack and Sam were living happily on their farm until Sam discovered his father was sick. Sam secretly solved how to grow a new magical beanstalk. Unaware of Sam’s obstacles in curing his father and the danger confronting him by two villainous giants, Jack remained on the struggling farm after a late spring snowstorm killed the crop of beans. How did Jack solve the problems facing the ruined farm? How did he save Sam from the appetites of the Queen and Duchess? Jack had an idea for the jewels the giants coveted, after Sam and he made love in the jeweled grotto, the sacred place Sam had taken Jack when Jack stole the golden harp.

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