Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers 04/26/2916

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Castaway Lovers

Many years ago, I ran like a castaway from a group of friends who did not care to listen to me. Being that weekend away from the hub bub of the city, we spent the weekend all natural, not wearing any clothes for our duration of communing with nature, breaking down the barriers between each other, and choosing partners to imbibe in sexual pleasures, intimately without restrictions. After I had been humiliated by the others for my aspirations to write about all our endeavors after that weekend, I wandered away from our campground in the woods. Along a trail I came upon a herd of deer grazing beneath the oak trees and brush. I stopped to appreciate their innocence, until I heard a branch crackle from a footstep. I turned and saw you watching me enjoy my solitude. Eye to eye contact, you smiled at me, walking slowly…

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