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  Jack and the Magical Beanstalk 
Pablo Michaels
(Yellow Silk Dreams)

“This piece really reflects Pablo Michaels’ creativity. His string of word choices is clever and wraps the scene in vivid visuals. The imagery is sublime. Who is the old man, the stranger, and what does he have to do with Jack and his mother? Pablo has cleverly added poignant character depth by infusing some of Jack’s genesis, his family, parents and farm life, even expanded upon it to describe the hardship which was the reason the cow was traded in the first place. We have a strumming and artful gold harp—delightful—a young man running into forest. When they run into the thicket, do they meet all the other naked men? Are they slaves of the Giant? The panic and fright caused by the Giant was wonderfully underscored in his…

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